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Astrology Moves

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Astrology Moves is a theater arts-based program. 

  Over the course of 13 weeks, using astrological theory, body-mind practices, and expressive movement principles, I'll guide you through rhythmic movements and creative imagery exercises drawn from a variety of sources, not limited to but including, the field of somatics, psychophysical actor training, various dance techniques, martial arts, flow arts etc.  You'll learn somatic-inspired floor flows and expressive standing and locomotive movement phrases. 

We'll play with masks and props, and you'll be guided and encouraged to come up with your own unique way of artistically expressing yourself and crafting your own unique Astrology Moves Life Story! 

Each phase of the 12 Expressive Movement Motifs is experimental in nature, with the goal of bringing awareness to your unique psychophysical pathways and a deeper felt sense of the body, its weight and presence.  By re-experiencing these processes and then re-establishing new patterns of organized movement, you gain knowledge and insight into the difference between unconscious living and volitional living:  Fate or Choice; Freedom Within Structure. 

All About You! - Your Natal Chart Synergy

Integrating the Parts of You

What Do You Want to Communicate/Express?

How Do You Want to Communicate/Express Yourself? 

It is my desire that each participant will walk away inspired with a deeper appreciation and understanding of themselves in body, mind, and soul, as well as fresh perspectives and expanded choice points for their life on the personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal levels.